Thursday, May 31, 2007

A literal View

Most part of the article I do not agree with Donald Richie because present Tokyo is different from twenty years past Tokyo in his article. Tokyo has been chaged dramaticallya and quickly in these twenty yaears. For example, he said "There is no imposed and consequently logical pattern such as one sees in the west." (p.32, Richie) Becauese the Japnese Construction Standard Act has been changed, citizens of Tokyo have to plan logically when they make building or house. Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Mid Town are examples because town planner organized those buildings. Some part of Tokyo became been ordered town like Kyoto. People have to care about city view.
Furtheremore, he said, "the traditional Japanese architectural styles are now largely neglected." It not true anymore because many people realize the value of Japanese conventional architectural styles: the traditional Japanese house made from nature materials; therefore, it very ecological, comfortable, and healthy. For example, tatami mat controll humadity and temprature. It keeps room warm in the winter and it keeps room cool in Summer. It absorb moisture in rainy day. Therefore, many young Japanese architectures try to fuse taditional Japanese and new style. Some of them repair and live the traditional Japanese house.

The "Sign and Symbols" part was not interesting for me because I already know about those things.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Kyoto trip was fun but it was tired because we walk a lot in raining. I like the Ryokan and around the area because there are many greens. Onsen was very nice. Dinner was also fun because I had nice onversation with other student. The rock garden in the temple was also beautiful.

However, most favorite place in kyoto was Ito Jyakutyu exibition. I could have nice experience because I have never seen traditional Japanese paint in live. His works was very amazing. Especially, the contrast of color was very beautiful. He makes a lot of color from a few pigment. I also liked the statue eventhough it was not Jyakutyu's work. The eye of statue was very strong. It looks like has a life.

I could learn many things through the trip since I have never been in Kyoto. If I have money and time, I like to visit again.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Here is my project

Finally, I decided my theme of my project

"A receipe book of gaijin somfort food from Arisygawa Park"

I will go to Arisugawa Park. Iwill interview about comfort food
to non Japanese people.
I will make web receipe book with flash.
I choose Arisugawa park because there are many people form abroad
even though the park is Japanese traditional style.

Here is my contents of web book.

about Arisgaw Park page : I will explain about the Park
about web reciepe book page: I will explain about the book
comfort food page: I will put recepies with pictures and interviews